MEP Supports

    The Importance of Hangers in MEP Installation

    The importance of MEP systems and their components in the construction industry is critical. How these components and systems are placed or fastened to the building premises can define the resulting comfort, functionality, efficiency and safety of the building’s environment. A diversified choice of Pipe Hangers, Pipe Clamps, EMT Straps, Omega Clamps, Beam Clamps, J and U-Bolts and Threaded Accessories.U Clamp is available in ‘U’ shape and is compact in design. With highly durability this can withstand harsh weather conditions.Our products can be prefabricated, which eliminates the need for on-site cutting and assembly, offering enormous health and safety benefits for your project.

    Types of Hanging Support

    • Standard Duty Loop Hanger
    • Surge Restraint
    • Yook Hanger
    • Stainless Steel Loop Hanger
    • 401 Galvanized Clevis Hanger
    • 410 Light Duty Clevis Hanger
How can I help you?
How can I help you?